Gradient: 1.4

Så er tiden inne for lansering av siste skudd på stammen fra Jorma Salmi, mr. Gradient

Atter en gang kommer Jorma opp med en unik konstruksjon som skiller seg ut fra mengden i dette høyttaler-lansdskapet.

Denne gang er formen på høyttalerne helt rund og som med REVOLUTION er det 2 kabinetter satt sammen til ett.

Ett for mellomtone diskant ( coaxial-element som er perfekt for best mulig fase og amplituderespons ) og ett for bassen.

Dette mellomtone/diskant elementet er et spesialutviklet coax-element for Gradient - uten kompromisser av noe slag - i samabeid mellom SEAS og Gradient.  Dette elementet er bl.a. konstruert for kun å spille fra 200Hz til 2500Hz

Og enda en gang må vi presisere at formen på Gradient`s høyttalere ikke blir til som et resultat av design og estetiske tanker men at funksjonen bestemmer formen   ( eller formen følger funksjonen ).

Hvorfor en rund høyttaler??
Jo - med tanke på å unngå refleksjoner fra en baffel.  Her skjer ikke disse refleksjonene.

Og igjen har Jorma Salmi greid å konstruere et spesielt høyttalerkabinett som ikke har bakoverutstråling fra mellomtonekabinettet ( redusert med 20db / står igjen med 1 % av normal utstråling bakover )
Dermed får man ingen påvirkning av eventuell bakvegg i det følsomme mellomtoneområdet.

I tillegg kan man vri mellomtone/diskantkabinettet ( kula ) i den retning man vil.  Altså - for perfekt vinkling trenger man ikke å vri på selve høyttalerne men bare topp-kula.

 Bassen er her plassert under høyttalerne og basselementet er produsert av superstivt aluminium for å oppnå en perfekt definisjon og tighthet.

It was just 35 years ago when we decided to take our own way and not to follow anyone else. Not to fallow industry conventions and evident solutions. With one single goal: to design a loudspeaker that sounds excellent in all kinds of rooms.

During the centenary of Finland´s independence Gradient added another chapter to the legendary Gradient 1.-line.

The sprit of the Gradient 1. - speakers combined with the inventions we have made during these years make the 1.4 a real unique loudspeaker, destined to become an instant classic.

The first coaxial structure in our speaker elements was carried out in Revolution model, launched in 1993. Thereafter, several versions of the coaxial speaker elements developed together with Seas have been used in our loudspeakers.

The new Gradient 1.4 is the first speaker utilizing our latest coaxial technology made exclusively for Gradient in Norway. A 176mm pre-coated reed paper cone cone handles frequencies up to 2500Hz. High frequencies from 2500Hz to over 20kHz are reproduced by a 25mm Al/Mg-dome tweeter placed at the apex of the midrange cone. Such a point source is generally accepted as an ideal sound source for its excellent phase and amplitude response. The end result is an extremely accurate, stable and three dimensional soundstage.

To minimize reflections from the speaker cabinet, the coaxial element is mounted in a spherical enclosure. The sphere is an ideal form with no structural interfaces and discontinuities.

Still Gradient is not Gradient without something completely new and unique. From the very beginning it was clear that the new Gradient 1.4 will utilize our acoustic resistance enclosure - technology, like used in many previous Gradient models. Now this is made as ideal as possible: Symmetric spherical housing leaks “anti sound” from the opening behind the sphere, cancelling back radiation and early reflections from the surfaces behind the loudspeaker.

The backward radiation of the Gradient 1.4 is attenuated by 20dB at mid frequencies which is only one percentage of the total sound energy. 

In a nutshell: the room influence to the sound remains very small giving the Gradient 1.4 a very similar sound characteristic in many different rooms.

Low frequencies below 200 Hz are reproduced by a bassreflex enclosure tuned at 27Hz. Large crossection area of the reflex tunnel guarantees no breathing noise even at high sound levels.

220mm long throw woofer made by Seas in Norway is facing towards the floor. The woofer has an extremely stiff aluminium cone giving tremendous bass precision. 

Every aspect of the speaker form has a meaning. Acoustic design and function determine the shape. There is nothing more to add - there is nothing left to take away. 

The cabinet of the speaker is made of advanced technopolymer in Finland. Together with the ideal form of the speaker exceptional combination of stiffness and rigidness is obtained to eliminate cabinet vibrations. 

The finishing of the speaker cabinet, available in graphite black and white, is durable providing easy to clean and long-lasting surface. For years to come.