Metaxas & Sins


I love to get lost in music and "be there".

The first 20 years of my commercial life, in a very monastic way, I dedicated myself to this - to be able to capture the essence and spirit of a great musical ensemble's playing and truly allow you to "be there".

This new collection reflects 35 years of my passion to create extraordinary objects that push through the electronic boundaries so you can "be there".

  • Years of painstaking selection of every single component.
  • Limited edition, signed, bespoke hand-made production from start to finish by me, the artist/designer and my two sons[sins].
  • Future-proof Hi End Audio "sculpture". Collectible Modern Art.
  • Over 300 "in-house" Master Tape concert recordings are my ABSOLUTE REFERENCE. Here are some free downloads and videos for you to discover. [RECORDINGS]



The only way to design state-of-the-art audio equipment is to have some experience with the finest available recording equipment AND playback equipment. Our systems have been designed using a variety of state-of -the-art phono playback equipment and custom-made Tape Recorders including the battery operated Stellavox SM-8 using 1/4" tape at 30 ips and Stellavox TD-9 using 1/2" tape at 30 ips using Bruel & Kjaer 4135 and Neumann TLM50 & M150 microphones.

From 2004 I embarked on a very ambitious project - to create my own library of reference recordings which could be used to create the ultimate playback system. Here are some free samples of concerts including a video which shows the microphone placement and technique. I've also included a hi-rez wav file that you can download and listen to in your system.

  • Over 300 concerts "Stellavox Analogue Tape Recordings"
  • Absolutely no signal processing/manipulation - pure recordings.
  • Dubbed straight to digital.
  • Jazz, Classical and Vocal Recordings

Klaus Renner [DAS OHR] introduced MAS to Germany in 1982 and called it "THE SECRET WEAPON FROM AUSTRALIA". This drew attention to our little company from "down-under". In February 1988 our "OPULENCE" preamplifier was crowned "REFERENZ" - the absolute standard in Hi End Audio. Notice that our entry level IRAKLIS was also rated in the top class of Amplifiers! [READ THE REVIEW]