When your hair stands up on end, when you feel the sound, you know it’s working, you know it’s Krix

Krix Story

Scott Krix: Founder, Designer, Pioneer.

As a teenager Scott Krix was in love with sound.  Scott tinkered in the garage with kit amplifiers, and made experimental speakers with scavenged drivers from old radios.  Scott had a dream to make Australian speakers that could compete successfully on the world market.

Scott's dream is now reality.  The Krix team manufacture high quality loudspeakers for home and commercial use.  With some 2000 commercial cinema installations globally, you have possibly already experienced Krix sound.

Distributed throughout the world, Krix is at the leading edge of loudspeaker design.  Utilising the latest test equipment, 3D modeling and computer simulated design technology, Krix's innovative research and development team is a pioneering force in the Australian loudspeaker industry.

Whether you are looking for your first pair of stereo speakers or your own ultimate home theatre experience, Krix will exceed your expectations.  Krix's range of loudspeakers deliver the experience of sound.

Business Mission

“The mission of Krix Loudspeakers is to grow and prosper through the continued support of our worldwide customer base and dealer network by offering world class innovation, design, and engineering to manufacture a range of prestigious loudspeakers."

Krix Loudspeakers Pty Ltd - A History


Scott Krix established the business 'Krix Speaker Systems' and began manufacturing speakers for his friends from his garage in Hawthorn, Adelaide.  he released the first commercially available design, the LF-1.
Krix LF1 - Used a Plessey Rola 8 inch bass and 2 inch cone tweeter.


Scott opened up his own retail hi-fi shop, aptly named 'The Acoustic Foundry' in Goodwood, Adelaide, to introduce his range of speakers to a wider audience.  Virtually all speakers at this time were imported from overseas, and were perceived to be better.  Having his own retail outlet helped quash that perception, as people were able to see and hear that Krix could mix it with the big names from overseas.  The store was also a good launching pad for Krix to test new products and ideas. 


Krix Speaker Systems purchased 1 acre of land at Hackham, and built a modest 120 square metre factory, (which today houses the company's administration department).
'Krix Constructions' hard at work!


Krix installs its very first commercial cinema speaker system into the Capri Theatre, Goodwood.  Scott was asked to solve an acoustic issue within the auditorium, his solution was an Infinite Baffle Wall.  This was a unique solution, something that had not been undertaken anywhere else in the world.  News of Scott's invention was of great interest to the people at Hoyts, Greater Union and Village Roadshow and it wasn't long before Krix Speaker Systems were supplying speakers and building Infinite Baffle Walls into theatres all over Australia. 


Krix installs commercial cinema system at Greater Union, Hindley Street, Adelaide.


Krix installs commercial cinema system at Birch Carroll & Coyle, Albert Street, Brisbane.


Krix installs commercial cinema system at Greater Union, George Street, Sydney.


The 1980’s saw a boom in the Australian cinema industry with multiplex cinemas being built everywhere.  The high demand for Krix cinema speakers helped lay a strong financial platform and Krix added a second factory of 500 square metres which now houses cabinet manufacturing.


Krix purchases several new woodworking machines to help improve production techniques.  Krix developed and secured relationships with several key overseas component suppliers which helped the Krix Research & Development team become proactive in sourcing the correct drivers required for the many designs to come.


The company name was changed to from Krix Speaker Systems to Krix Loudspeaker Engineers Pty Ltd.  The first multiplex cinema installation for Hoyts was completed in Newcastle, NSW.


Krix is now considered a major supplier to the local cinema industry having completed some 250 cinema screen installations nationally.  The company now employed 10 full time staff and focus had switched back to developing new consumer hi-fi products.  There was a need for more space and so a third factory was built, also of 500 square metres to house the spray painting and polishing departments.
The very popular Esoterix 2 ready for final testing


Krix wins CESA Highly Commended Award (open category) for the Superbrix, a dual 4 inch two way bookshelf speaker.


Krix won Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine’s Best Buy Award for the Lyrix, a dual 6½ inch two way floorstanding speaker.  This model offered tremendous performance and value for money and would become an iconic product for more than 10 years.


The company name was shortened to Krix Loudspeakers Pty Ltd.  Krix wins the CESA Loudspeaker of the Year Award for the Lyrix ($701 to $2000 category).  Krix received THX accreditation from the Lucasfilm in the USA for it’s cinema surround model, the KSX-1.  Exports of Krix cinema speakers began with shipments being sent New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.


The early 90’s also saw the revolution that was surround sound and Krix was very well established to strongly push into this new market. The support from our local retail network had seen it grow from 5 dealers to around 40 in just two years.  Krix received CESA Highly Commended Awards in all three categories, the Equinox (under $700 category), Lyrix ($701 to $2000 category) and Esoterix 1 mk2 ($2001 and above category).  After discussions within the company and several key overseas suppliers, it was decided the best opportunity for Krix to promote it's products overseas was to exhibit at the industry trade shows.  The first show Krix exhibited at was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one of the largest conventions of its type in the world, and as a result of exhibiting at the CES, Krix secured it's first overseas Distributor for the Consumer Audio products based in Hong Kong.


Our second year exhibiting at the CES in Las Vegas resulted in Krix appointing a Distributor in Malaysia for the Consumer Audio products.  New equipment was purchased for the painting department with the installation of a fully enclosed, gas fired paint booth to produce a new range of high gloss lacquer paint finishes for the Asian marketplace.  Krix received the CESA Highly Commended Award for the Esoterix 1 mk2 model ($2001 and above category). Krix won the Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine’s Best Buy Award for the Apex model, and also received the Secrets of Home Theatre & High Fidelity (USA) 5 Star award for the home theatre system comprising the Esoterix 1 mk2, Centrix and Equinox.


Our third year at CES, resulted in Krix setting up Distribution within the USA.  Moondance Audio was based in Denver and also had a retail outlet which helped display the Krix products locally as well as introducing them to other retail dealers.  Exports were now approaching 40% of our production capabilities and time to add another factory, this time a 1000 square metre, two storey complex to house the final assembly and warehouse departments taking Krix's total plant to some 3000 square metres on 2 acres of land.  The new factory complex was officially opened by the Premier of South Australia, The Hon Dean Brown MP.  Krix were now shipping 20 and 40 foot containers globally, there was a huge strain placed on floorspace, often requiring room for store 50+ cubic metres of stock at any one time.


Krix awarded CESA Highly Commended Award for the Euphonix model ($1000 to $1999 category), and won the CESA Loudspeaker of the Year Award for the Seismix 7 Subwoofer model ($2001 and above category).  Krix also received THX accreditation for the KX-1840 and KX-1850 cinema surrounds and the KX-4610 cinema subwoofer.  Krix exhibits at the CINEASIA – Cinema Convention in Singapore, which resulted in the appointment of a USA Distributor to handle the Krix commercial cinema products.  Krix purchases an adjacent 1 acre block of land for future expansion opportunities.  Two new R&D designs labs were built and opened by the Governor of South Australia, His Excellency Sir Eric Neal A.C. C.V.O.


Krix exhibits for the first time at the ShoWest Cinema Convention in Las Vegas, with our USA Distributor.  Krix receives Sound & Image Highly Commended Award for the Apex, Mini Centrix and Equinox models (Packaged Home Theatre Systems up to $2999).  Krix received THX accreditation for the KX-2610 low frequency cinema screen loudspeaker.  Krix secured two export markets with cinema loudspeakers being shipped to Village Cinemas in South America and South Korea through a new Distributor – Eugenetek Corporation.


Krix celebrates 25 years in business.  Krix again exhibits at ShoWest in Las Vegas and also the ShowEast Cinema Convention in Atlantic City.  These two shows resulted in cinema projects being completed by Krix in New York, New Jersey and California.  Krix received THX accreditation for the KX-1550 cinema surround and KX-5812 cinema screen system.  Krix receives Sound & Image Highly Commended Award for the Brix model (up to $499 category). 


Krix had continued successes exhibiting at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, and for the first time exhibited at the Cinema Expo convention in Amsterdam.  Krix had received a great deal of interest from the European region, and during the Expo secured Distribution agreements for Ireland, Italy, and Germany.  In late 2000, Krix provided cinema products to projects in Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey.  Krix also updated some of its plant & equipment, with the major purchase being a computer numerically controlled (CNC) woodworking machine, which provided increased productivity and precision.


The European market is proving to be very successful, and once again Krix was exhibiting in Cinema Expo in Amsterdam. Krix supplied speakers to cinema projects in Austria, Germany, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.  Krix also exhibited for the first time and the IFA Consumer Expo in Berlin. This is arguably the largest convention of its type in the world, with approximately 750 thousand attendees over the nine days of the show.  Krix was successful in appointing a Distributor for its consumer range for the Scandinavian region – PM Audio, based in Norway.


Krix confirms Distribution for its consumer loudspeakers in Taiwan, Kassier Co,. Ltd.  Krix also changed Distributors in the United States, licensing its name to the importer and established Krix USA.  Krix USA is responsible for the sales and marketing of both Krix’s consumer and commercial speaker products. Krix USA exhibits for the first time at the Consumer Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) in Minneapolis.


Krix USA maintains it's presence and again exhibits at the Consumer Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), this time in Indianapolis.  Krix won Audio & Video Lifestyle Magazine’s Best Buy Award for Lyrix Gold model, as well as receiving a Highly Recommended Award for the Equinox model from Lyd & Bilde Magazine in Norway.  This was also accompanied by some very positive reviews on the Equinox from magazines in both Norway and Denmark. Through our commercial cinema Distributor in Germany – Kinoton GmbH, Krix speakers are supplied to two small cinema projects in Jordan and Afghanistan.


Krix celebrates 30th year as Australia’s oldest and largest loudspeaker manufacturer.  Krix confirms Distribution in the United Kingdom, through licensing it’s brand name to the importer to establish Krix UK.  Krix releases a range of concealed audio speakers for multiroom and home theatre applications.  After 3 years development, Krix becomes the first company in the world to release a comprehensive range of 4 way cinema screen speakers.


Krix supplies cinema speakers to Hoyts Melbourne Central and Blacktown which takes the number of cinema screens in Australia using Krix to more than 650.  Krix also supplies cinema speakers to it's 250th screen in South Korea.  The Krix Neuphonix wins Sound & Image Loudspeaker of the Year award.


Krix purchases another CNC woodworking machine to cope with increased product demand.  The complete range of Quatrix 4 way cinema systems and are submitted and receive THX approval along with 4 models of the Krix 3 way systems.  The Seismix 3 mk3 subwoofer wins a Sound & Image Highly Commended award.  Krix finalises Distribution agreement with Xebex Corporation (Japan) which results in two 10 screen Krix installations at 109 Cinemas Kawasaki and Saga.  Xebex Corporation send two of their engineers from Japan to visit the Krix factory for product evaluation and training.


The Tryptix On-Wall loudspeakers, designed from the ground up at the Krix factory. 

Krix release the Epicentrix high end centre channel to offer timbral matching to the Neuphonix floorstanders. A new Sound Lounge is constructed to facilitate training and demonstration, complete with projector, Nexus comparator, and Stewart screen. The new Krix website is launched with traffic increasing to an average of 25,000 unique visitors per month. The new Apex 4 floorstanders (rrp $1000) win a Best Buy Award from AVL Magazine for their “superior performance, build quality and value-for-money”, then a Highly Commended at the Sound & Image Awards in the category of Loudspeakers up to $2500. The Epicentrix is reviewed in AVL magazine and Editor Nic Tatham describes it as “…without doubt one of the most articulate and convincing centre channel loudspeakers I’ve ever heard”. It receives 5 stars for performance. The Epicentrix wins Centre Channel of the Year and the Seismix 1 Mk1 Subwoofer of the Year, at the Sound & Image Awards. Later in the year we released the Tryptix on-wall system with a unique patent pending bracket system, along with the Hemispherix in-ceiling and the Ecliptix in-wall speakers. Wallis Cinemas open their new Mitcham complex in Adelaide comprising of 7 screens, becoming the first site in Australia to use the Krix 4-way Quatrix range in every auditorium and gains high praise for the outstanding sound quality. Krix also refurbish the Greater Union, George Street cinema in Sydney with the new 4-ways. New computer equipment and simulation software is purchased to allow us to improve the design our own drivers and motor structures.


This year sees the release of the new Phoenix which replaced the extremely popular Lyrix Gold, utilising the same tweeter as the Apex 4. Following its release the Phoenix win a AVL Best Buy Award along with the new Tryptix on-wall design. Tryptix receive glowing recognition from the industry with comments like “clarity and imaging that is surprising” and an “almost unbelievable even frequency balance across the whole spectrum”. The Equinox mk2 are released and are submitted for review to gaining another 5 stars for performance. The Equinox mk2 is the first model to take advantage of Krix's recent software purchase allowing improved in-house driver design. Following the success of the Aquatix outdoor speakers Krix release the larger and more powerful Tropix.