CODA S5.5 - Ny modell på plass nå

CODA`s superforsterker gjennom mange år - nå med en ansiktsløftning

50 Watts per channel Pure Class A into 8 Ohms
100 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms
200 Watts per channel into 2 Ohms
200 Watts mono in bridged mode into 8 Ohms
400 Watts mono in bridged mode into 4 Ohms 

Precision Bias Class A operation
Class A to rated output into 8 ohms utilizing Coda's proprietary bias control topology
True DC-coupled design based on the high speed circuit topology of our System S100; utilizing FET input, MOSFET Voltage gain, and high speed bipolar current gain
No overall feedback
Sixty 50 MHz output transistors
each rated at 8 Amperes and 150 Volts
Remote-capable balanced and unbalanced input selection
Remote-capable true standby circuit
deactivates bias current in output stage
Independent windings, rectification and supply capacitors
for each channel
Double-sided gold plated circuit boards
All anodized chassis