Solid Tech

As music lovers and audiophiles, it has been our goal, ever since Solid Tech started in 1995 to construct and manufacture Audio support products that allow an audio system to reproduce recorded music in an unhindered way, and to convey the innermost being of music to its utmost level.

By using optimized materials, and recognized techniques originating from the resonance and vibration isolation industry, we can with clear conscience, without mysticism and inflated price tags, offer products that deliver unmatched vibration isolation and performance for the finest playback systems available.
Feel free to examine our competitor's capacity to show you vibration measurements done by independent institute, and done at the most detrimental conditions for the audio frequencies.

Despite that they often claim, having developed their products with the help of universities, or that they have background in car racing, or defense industries (laughs), they are still not able to attest or validate their own statements, something that is easily done with a relatively inexpensive and simple vibration measurement. Should we not be able to expect more than just claims by these companies with such resources and superior knowledge. Of course, but the proof of evidence is that the laws of physics apply and are valid for these constructions, and any measurement done, would point out the inferior technology and performance.

Solid Tech would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported and inspired us in the pursuit of Audio-Nirvana in our second decade and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

To design audio support system that is a total concept, encompassing aesthetics, flexibility and performance as well as high quality craftsmanship.
With fastidious attention to detail, performance and finish, create a system that has a minimum of compromises.
Utilize the best components and building techniques in order to fulfill our mission statement.

Our Design Philosophy

  1. Create functional isolation in horizontal and vertical planes, with low resonance frequency that is well outside the audible range.
  2. Utilize a phycially small and stable body in order to avoid influence by air borne vibrations.
  3. Implement use of low mass, avoiding storage of energy and thereby minimizing the tendency of the object to resonate.