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Norbert Lehmann

Lehmannaudio Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1988 by the young student of audio engineering, Norbert Lehmann, in Cologne, Germany. Since summer of 2007 place of business has been pleasant Bergisch Gladbach. Here with passion for detail is being created what has come into favour in the whole world because of it's quality: the Lehmannaudio product line. Made in Germany.

Striving for perfection

During my audio engineering studies, we were listening to two amplifiers with identical technical specifications in a direct A/B comparison. Really amazing how much they differed in sound quality: one delivered sound, the other one music. There I realized for the first time that good sound depends on much more than technical data such as power, distortion factor and signal-to-noise ratio.

That listening session sparked a passion in me which has never ceased: how can I build audio technology so, that it communicates the musician's intention as musically and faithfully as possible? For me, this aspect is key in developing high end. Furthermore, I'm in pursuit of perfection while staying grounded. And when I finally learn that my customers feel happy while listening, I know that all efforts are worth it.

Dive into our history and learn more about our company, our products and our incentive. Find out what made Lehmann Audio what it is today.


1988: It all began with the passion for music…
"During my sound engineering studies I had a formative experience: I was listening to music over two amplifiers with identical specifications. However, the sound was worlds apart. Consequently the discrepancy in sound quality had to lie deeper, in circuit details and components. I began to experiment with components and build my own audio devices – always with top quality and an overwhelming musical experience in mind. My passion for the ultimate sound reproduction had been kindled."— Norbert Lehmann, Managing Director

First Black Cube prototype
The first prototype of the Black Cube phono preamplifier has been finished. Soon after it's becoming a true cult object among record lovers on an international scale.

First review of the Black Cube in the SoundStage magazine!
More and more offers for the worldwide distribution of the Black Cube keep coming in. Renowned magazines on all five continents are increasingly focusing on our popular phono stage in their reviews as well – in the first place the SoundStage!

Presentation of the Silver Cube
The legendary Silver Cube phono stage has hit the market. The housing of the Silver Cube is milled from a massive aluminium block. Soon after its market launch it is awarded the reference title by several hifi magazines.

Market introduction of the Linear
We introduce our first headphone amplifier named Linear. Pretty fast it's heading for the reference throne, numerous hifi magazines and ambitious users confirm this success.

Linear in the mastering studio
Maarten de Boer, mastering engineer and owner of "The Masters", puts his trust in the tonal quality of the Linear as a stereo preamp for critical headphone monitoring. Extremely appreciable, considering the fact that “The Masters“ studio is the most experienced mastering studio in the Netherlands.

Market introduction of the Decade
On the occasion of the 10th Black Cube anniversary we are presenting the Decade phono preamp. It fills the gap between the Black Cube and the reference unit Silver Cube. The Lehmannaudio phono stages are now used by thousands of customers all over the globe.

Sennheiser uses Linear
Headphone maker Sennheiser first uses a large number of Linear headphone amplifiers for the presentation of their dynamic high-end models at the IFA 2005.

Market introduction of the Black Cube Statement
Finally an entry-level phono stage from Lehmannaudio: high quality for a budget-saving price. In the same year we equip Ortofon (Denmark) with a lot of these devices which will be used there for the final check in the system manufacture.

20th company anniversary. Wow!
We are celebrating our 20th company anniversary. The history of Lehmannaudio shows how a successful enterprise can originate from a passion for music.

Start of the Rhinelander production
The production of the Rhinelander headphone amplifier begins. This entry-level model delights with its sonic proximity to our top-of-the-line model Linear and its pleasantly affordable price.

Market introduction of the StudioCube
The StudioCube headphone amplifier, which belongs to our product line for professional users, has broadened our product portfolio. Already a short time after its market launch it captivates even the most demanding musicians and sound engineers as a reliable partner for their personal monitoring on stage and in the studio.

With Podcasts and apps at the pulse of the time
For our Podcast we meet up with interesting personalities from the professional audio scene. Equipped with video equipment, we talk with the “pros“ about exciting topics like e.g. the mastering or the change in the dynamic range over the past few years. With our iPhone-App “HiFi-Tool“ we're firing the starting pistol for the provision of free apps.

Presentation of the Linear SE
The Linear SE headphone amplifier is now on the market and sets new standards. This sound master thrills with an outstanding list of features and its customised housing variants.

Part of the mobile revolution
Lehmannaudio introduces its first portable headphone amplifier called “Traveller“. No matter if at home, in the office or when travelling – this elegant companion will always give you a unique sound experience, everywhere.

Market introduction of the Linear D
Analogue? Digital? Both! The Linear’s multi-award-winning analogue section, upgraded with a high-resolution digital-analogue converter of the latest generation – that is our Linear D.

Headphone Gallery by Lehmannaudio
Presenting your headphones in style: Like precious works of art in galleries, Headphone Gallery presents your high-class headphone.

A new generation of headphone amps: the Drachenfels
Our champion with an entry-level price tag scores with leading-edge technology and, owing to its modular options, can be matched to ever new situations.

To this day we keenly cater for the perfect sound.
In everything we do we want to preserve the pristine sound of the musical piece. We have devoted ourselves to the making of high-end audio devices which strive for perfection just as much as the artists whose music we enjoy. Even in the future we will keep only one thing in mind regarding the production, optimization and redevelopment of our devices: you and your music.