Gold Note

For 25 years Gold Note has been one of the world's best known and high end of high-end audio manufacturer featuring a truly vertical integrated line of products.

Since the introduction of the company's first accessory in the 1992, the still available Midas Ebony tube resonator, Gold Note has always invested all its energy researching & developing the overall perfection with no audio quality compromises, manufacturing 100% of its own products exclusively in Florence Italy.


The company is founded presenting the first product ever made; traded through Richardson Electronics Holding it is an innovative tube resonator.  It is still available after 20 years.


Presented the Kymyas a revolutionary restoring Vinyl records treatment and a Galaktos for CD light super permeability
Presented The Cable Freezer is inspired to the Super Conductor first discovered by Heike Kamerlingh in the 1911. 


Presented the first turntable the Vox Deck 12, offered combined with a proprietary tone-arm as a package


The Sound Master is the first amplifier using the Mirror-Amp proprietary design. The CD-5 is the first CD Player we have ever made


Launched the Boboli and Baldinotti MC cartridges


Presenting the Bellavista turntable first high density acrylic plinth featuring a new top quality spindle design


Presented the first generation of the Demidoff multi transformer amplifier using massive inductive power supply amplifier.
The Belvedere turntable is the first curved plinth turntable
Borromeo is our the first top quality uni-pivot tone-arm
The De Medici tubular phono preamplifier
Presented the first generation of speakers A-3 and A-6


The Bellagio top quality turntable is launched
The Piccolo first all transparent acrylic turntable is launched too
The First renewed ball bearing tone-arm B-5 is now available
The Reale and Ducale highly damped hand made driver speakers are presented


It is launched the best know CD player we have ever made, the Stibbert CD Player
The Pamphili flagship tubular phono preamplifier is released
The Bellaria best uni-pivot first titanium tone-arm


Presented the Koala line of affordable top quality CD Players using Pioneer transports
Generation 2 of Steroid amplifiers
Presented the Boboli Signature and Baldinotti Signature MC cartridges
Generation 2 of Boboli and Baldinotti MC cartridges


Introduced the new S3 higher power integrated amplifiers
Generation 2 of Stibbert and Koala CD players using Sony transports
Presented the inductive phono preamplifier Phono-2
Generation 2 of Phono -1 phono preamplifier


Presented the first line of top quality high-end audio interconnect and speaker cables
Presented the Demidoff Diamond top quality inductive amplifiers


Launched the new brands Gold Note exclusively dedicated to the high-end audio products and Blacknote dedicated to 100% digital and networking
Blacknote first product is the DSS, an innovative high-end audio media player of the market can read high-definition computer music files
The Tuscany and Baldinotti Aurum flagship MC cartridges
Presented the Gold Note Stibbert Black Pearl acclaimed top quality CD player
Generation 3 of first Gold Note Stibbert and Koala CD Players using Sanyo transports


Blacknote CDP300 and SACD300
Generation 4 of Stibbert and Koala CD Players using Philips transports
Presented the top line of Lucca AC pure silver power chords and filters


Presented modulated amplifiers Blacknote DSA100 & DSA150
Presented the Gold Note Demidoff Silver Plus inductive amplifiers


Blacknote USB high Speed D/A converters DAC30 & DAC15
Presented the Valore an affordable high-end audio turntable tone-arm package
Introduced high end audio USB cables
Innovative acoustic treatment for bass and mid frequency Drum and Damp
Introduced the new Tuscany Signature absolute MC flagship cartridge


New Diamond Line including the super top new Demidoff amplifier and battery power units
New Classic Line generation 2 of S amps and Koala with new front panels and features
New Micro Line super compact luxury separate components
New high sensitivity Speakers XS96 + leather finishing renewed A-6 SLE & A3 SLE
New Top quality EXTRA pure silver cables.