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Tilbud / Kampanjer

15. Juli 2017

Audio Analogue: VIVACE DAC

SOMMERTILBUD:: kr 11897,-

Veiledende utsalgspris: kr 16995,-


1 stk AES/EBU ( XLR )
3 stk Spdif Coax ( RCA )
4 stk Spdif Optisk ( Toslink )
1 stk USB ( 16-24bit / opp til 192kHz )

Spdif Coax
Analog balansert / XLR
Analog ubalansert / RCA

Audio Analogue With AirTech Technology
The VIVACE DAC/Preamplifier is a high performance DA converter that combines the highest digital audio technologies with
an innovative zero feedback analog output stage. It is also provided with a volume controlled preamplifier unbalanced output to directly drive a power amplifier. Several inputs are furnished to interface many different audio systems and the
digital chain is highly settable by the user. Because of its characteristics the VIVACE D/A Converter-Preamplifier is the Perfect joining link between your digital audio sources and your analog world.

AirTech is synonymous of no compromise sonic performance, listening pleasure first of all, a signature more than a brand, a sign of recognition that immediately brings to mind emotions perceived through music and all its nuances. The technology AirTech has developed to realize its products, has now been applied to the Audio Analogue ArmoniA line products through the use of selected components and wiring obtaining performance of absolute Reference for the category of these products and also far beyond.

The new ArmoniA line includes the well-known CRESCENDO Integrated Amplifier, CRESCENDO CD Player and FORTISSIMO Integrated Amplifier which in addition to being further improved with AirTech technology, they have a new look more elegant and refined.
In addition to these products, are available today two new interesting models which are the FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC and
the VIVACE DAC/Preamplifier. ArmoniA powered by AirTech: feel the emotion, listen to the difference.

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