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03. Juli 2017

Gold Note: CD-1000

Ny CD spiller med store oppgraderingsmuligheter fra Gold Note

kr 43900,00

CD-1000 great sound comes from great technology

“ CD-1000 makes a most convincing argument for the defense of integration” — 6 moons Srajan Ebaen


CD-1000 is a state-of-the-art cd player that integrates digital stage and analogue stage in one, elegant source.

Featuring a top class 24bit 192kHz high-resolution D/A converter with S/PDif coaxial and TOS optical digital inputs - having an AKM digital receiver - and one USB 24bit 192kHz port - to get the best out of your computer.

The Aluminium transport mechanism made in Austria (drawer type JPL2580) reaches perfect rotational stability speed fluctuation free.
CD-1000 features our renovated output stage called Zero-Clock™ for effective jitter reduction. Zero-Clock™ powers a T.I. CDCE906 Master Clock Generator that reshapes the clock every single time music plays.

“ I have nothing but unconstrained praise for the sound quality it produced, which was absolutely outstanding!” —

— Australian Hi-Fi

a complete source for digital, high quality music

CD-1000 optionally features a pre-amp stage based on a PGA single resistor with double mono volume control, a solution we introduced on the Demidoff line of amplifiers that can drive power amplifiers directly and with great results.

Information are always shown on the elegant O-Led 3D display.

The output stage is solid state, fully balanced with Dual-Mono PCM1792AK D/A converter, the same used in Favard CD player and on the very best digital DAC available today

Powered by the GN Dual-Mono power supply with two transformers to keep the voltage extremely stable on all audio signal paths.

“ the choice and implementation of analog on-chip controller made for grown-up preamplitude [...] thankfully today’s younger audience has higher cosmetic demands to no longer let upscale hi-fi get away with laziness ” — 6 mons Srajan Ebaen


Due to its modular design, 1000 series can be upgraded with external units:

TUBE-1006 and TUBE-1012 - Class A tube output stage (6 or 12 tubes)

PSU-1250 and PSU-1100 - super Inductive Power Supply (250W or 100W)

CLK-1055 (Caesium) and CLK-1037 (Rubidium) - Atomic Master Clock

When equipped with external atomic master clocks, CD-1000 can obliterate jitter: CLK-1055 - made with the heaviest material available on hearth, Caesium - and CLK-1037 - made of Rubidium. Together these clocks can guarantee a fantastic digital signal transfer and exceptional digital phase alignment.

PSU-1250 is a massive inductive multi-transformer capable of 250 Watt, PSU-1100 is capable of 100 Watt: both units work as a virtual battery to enhance CD-1000 performance with a full galvanic insulation from the AC system to shield the unit from RFI and EMI.

Innovative Style 1000 series:
Arch. Stefano Bonifazi designed one of the most elegant audio systems ever

“ if it’s warm but dry, full-bodied earthy transistor sound you’re after from a digital source - if you want chewy chunks in your soup rather than run it through the blender first - the Gold Note delivers it in spades ” — 6 moons Srajan Ebaen


the spinning heart of a complete high-end syste


the unique modular design allows external/internal upgrades to push CD-1000 beyond a CD player limits, including a Class-A tube output stage, optional pre-amp and analog input stage.


"cd player" doesn´t even begin to describe its advanced functionality like the high-res 24/192 USB, Coax, and TOS Optical digital inputs.


built with elegance and performance in mind: a great mechanical structure in solid machined steel and aluminium assures low frequency resonance and low magnetic inertial field.


Dimensions: 430mm L | 135mm H | 375mm D
Weight: 15kg

CD Player with integrated DAC
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.3dB
THD – Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.001% max
Signal to noise ratio: -128dB
Dynamic response: 127dB
Output impedance: 50 Ohm
Phase response: linear phase, absolute phase inverted
Digital filter: proprietary Zero-Clock™ circuit enabling three different Master Clock
Mechanic: aluminium JPL-2580 Stream-Unlimited
Speed fluctuation: 0.0001%
Volume control: switchable On/Off Digital partializer

Audio outputs

Analogue output: stereo RCA and balanced XLR
Line output level (fixed): 2V RMS RCA and 4V RMS XLR
Digital output: S/PDIF, 75ohm RCA 24bit

Audio inputs

Digital input: one RCA S/PDIF coaxial and one TOS-optical asynchronous 24/192
USB port: asynchronous 24/192 High Speed 2.0 port
Analogue input (optional): Stereo balanced XLR


Infrared remote: RC5 proprietary code


CD formats: Red Book
Disc compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3


Mains supply: 100V to 245V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination (not convertible)
Dual-Mono power supply
Power consumption: 30W


TUBE-1012: Class-A 12 Tubes output stage with inductive tube power supply
TUBE-1006: Class-A 6 Tubes output stage
PSU-1250: Dual-Mono 250Watt Super External Power supply
PSU-11o0: Dual-Mono 1o0Watt Super External Power supply
CLK-1055: super external Atomic clock made with Caesium
CLK-1037: super external Atomic clock made with Rubidium

Preamp Stage: PGA electronically control single resistor dual-mono volume control preamp
Analogue input: Stereo balanced XLR
External AC filter: Gold Note Lucca AC distributor

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