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25. Mars 2017

METAXAS & SINS: IKARUS Integrert forsterker

Integrert forsterker 2 x 50W ( high power )

IKARUS er kanskje den mest unike integrerte forsterker på markedet - ved siden av SOLITAIRE ( også METAXAS & SINS )

I hvert fall mener dette franske hifi magasinet dette ( les test nedenfor )

Personlig kjenner vi IKARUS fra mange år tilbake i den originale versjonen - og makan til musikalitet var det ikke å oppdrive den gangen.

I dag er det NYE IKARUS som har overtatt - med sensasjonelt design og produksjonskvalitet.

Hele forsterkeren er CNC maskinert ut av en gigantisk aluminiumsblokk så her er det ingen tilfeldig løst tilskrudde bunn/topp/side-plater. Altså ingen uønskelige vibrasjoner på grunn av dette.

Alle de nye METAXAS & SINS forsterkerne produseres nå på denne ekstreme måten.

Les test:
Hi-Fi Non-Conformist Francophone Magazine
Only on Mars – Metaxas Ikarus Integrated Amplifier
Metaxas & Sins by Pierre Fontaine and Laurent Thorin

The Flight of Icarus
Renowned audio designer and artist, electronic engineer and sound engineer, magazine editor, director, and producer of films and numerous documentaries and interviews on fashion, design, gastronomy and the arts, Kostas Metaxas, is one whom we can call insatiably curious. He is interested in everything that peaks his interests of knowledge and life. His adolescence featured painting, sculpting…,and hi-fi, which he discovers.
It was love at first sight for art and music recording. He firmly believes in shock of chaos
and control, where equilibrium emerges between the abstract and concrete.
À La Une!
When we ask Kostas Metaxas what advice he’d give to those who wish to jump in the vast bath of hi-fi, where one can quickly lose sight of one’s foot, he answered “Discover the best of others and wait until your vision does not exceed that minimum without which they have no reason to exist. Do more than your best. Be motivated, if not, renounce. Give life to the unknown.” He does not put his foot in his mouth.

Better than the best, if not – nothing.

Those who discover his new Ikarus instantly understand what he meant. The unknown, the exceptional, the audacious, the unique, the extraterrestrial are just a few terms to describe this electronic UFO.
Midway between a manta ray and a space ship, this integration is a logical, contemporary evolution of a concept that Metaxas revealed in 1981. Technical concepts and sonic performances are unanimously renowned around the world since they first appeared. The Ikarus is the fruit of thirty-five years of fascination for art and musical playback in all its forms. The Ikarus is a veritable piece of art developed at the hand of the Metaxas family.

Audiophile Mythology
The usage of names directly linked to Greek mythology translates to the obsession with the excellence of the inventor vis-à-vis his creations. Ikarus, named after the ancient Greek god Icarus, son of Dædalus and a Cretan slave, died after one of his wax wings melted from flying to close to the sun, a symbol that demonstrates fragility, emotion, and supreme performance. Once his wings had disintegrated, he was
found on the island Samos by Heracles, famous for having completed the Twelve Labors. This divine descent coincides perfectly with the history of Metaxas’ products since the integration Ikarus version 2015 is based on the famous power amp Iraklis to which an addition gain of 10dB was added. However, before getting interested in the guts of the beast, let us stop for a few seconds to admire the hallucinatory
aluminum casing that makes most other electronics on the market look like a shoebox.

Kostas Metaxas’ design was modeled on the computer then factory work based on a massive aluminum block was taken care of by a computerised digital tool. Every chassis is then blasted by the projection…
… of glass microbeads which lasts 40 minutes. The finishing ends with the anodisation that can be whichever colour the client wants. The conception of the Ikarus is systematically assisted by the computer, an unpityable method that allows one to visualise every path the copper takes on the doublesided military-grade PCBs to optimise the path in 3D, the position of each component on the circuit boards and the placement of circuits inside the structure to exclude all possibilities of harmful interaction.
Once all is assembled, the Ikarus is ready to give its voice after a week of running, it is then placed in the interrogation room. The sound system I comprised of a magnetophone with ¼” Stellavox SM-8 bands and a ½” Stellavox TD-9 band, both of which are powered by batteries, a Metaxas modification and a collection of over 300 original master bands.

A work of the goldsmith
The spec sheet on the right shows a global gain of 35dB and has nothing a but a line stage and a power stage. The band passes a phenomenal 5MHz, which has a global negative6dB without the necessity of introducing an amplification stage at the beginning. The research of the shortest journey makes it an integral part of the Metaxas concept around a mono card. Two decimetres in hand, the distance between
the entrance and exit of the signal across the Ikars is 15cm comprised exclusively of PCB. Only a few inevitable pieces of copper that treat the signal extend this distance by 4cm. All the components are placed on the card except the complementary pairs of bipolar power transistors 2SA1227A and 2SC2987A of the two push-pulls of the exit and their drivers.
The internal construction of the double mono
starts the components of each channel on half of the length of the circuit board. To start, the power with 16 ultrafast diodes in each path. This is not useless power. This is a set of four parallel diodes wave rectifier arm which brings the switching time to a few nanoseconds. Another important aspect of power regulation, whichwas introduced as part of the scheme of amplification. In a traditional regulated power
amplifier to "feed the impedance increases with tréquemce because the loop gain decreases same time, the establishment of a loop against negative reaction will arrange anything since signal back surgery bythe loop Takes time and will find few nanoseconds phase situation with amplitication circuit once the correction applied, regulation Metaxas has discrete components, high slew rate, no capacitor by finely
adjusting end rates against local and global reaction to its diagram.Present an output impedance of a few hundredths of an ohm and placed a few millimetres audio stages. The design of this regulation, its scheme, its polarization, and its components is not approved until having passed high calibre tests.
Given the admiration of many design excellence and aesthetic originality, we doubtlessly front of the exotic absence components that lot other manufacturers use as standard. Standard, quality and diligently sorted, but the standard. The secret of musicality Metaxas is the perfect understanding of the behaviour of the signal all levels of the scheme and the successful technical choices. At first the horse, then the cart.

The Sound
When the first Metaxas devices came during the 80s, their sound shocked most audiophiles. The
Australian construction clearly showed the difference with a look and sound so new and captivating.
This new sound, free of any tone colouring, provided the most precise, cleanest sound, yet to be distributed at this price range. Thirty years later, Metaxas still imposes these same standards and philosophies.
One has to wish that man will have better ideas to top an already great idea. This sound system composes of nothing but 50W, three analog asymmetrical entries and no remote! It is about crazy, but in a reassuring way.
It signifies that man is not ready to concede any compromise in terms of sound quality. At the first
listen, one can easily understand how clear and crisp the sounds produced are. If we could have a
moment to talk about how great it looks and how low its price is, it would be easy to show you how great this really is.
The Ikarus is at the heart of musical performance. This amplifier is one of the most dynamic ever heard, it isn’t debatable.
The absence of noise and sonic inertia renders music extraordinarily alive and expressive. Not a single moment passes where we don’t feel passive or even spectator to such an
immaculate device. There is no interference between the speaker and our tympanic membranes. Sonic equilibrium is possible thanks to such great electronics like the Spectral DMC20, DMA180, Cello Encore, and Encore 150. The Ikarus is very unsettling, even though it is only 50W, it controls speakers much more masterful and powerful then you would expect. Furthermore, it has fantastic reactivity due to total inertia of the compression, a factor that allows it to sound colossal,….…which was studied perfectly to master electricity transfer and “grip” the speakers.
This allows the Ikarus to sing in all situations, even at full volume, without losing its divine luminosity, without compromising the
limpidity of its tonal equilibrium, with leaving even the slightest distortion. It sounds perfectly natural.
Along with the omnipresent dynamics, it expresses itself with nuance and precision. The Ikarus gives us the impression of mastering its abilities instantly. As the passing band deploys easily, the speakers leave us with a sound we can’t even hear. But these bass frequencies are expressed easily and with a diabolic force.
The bass frequencies are easily distinguished from each other. On the other end of the spectrum.
The highs are always crisp, never piercing. It has a thickness and warmth that is irreproducible with any other device. It’s one that the amateurs of high frequencies would not be able to handle

At the time of publishing, the pure sonic potential of this machine is absolutely incredible. It is
unsurpassed by any other device in the market and there is nothing like it. The most impressive part, without contest, of the Ikarus is the rapidity and luminosity of the sound. It carries a lightness so inexplicably powerful. The Ikarus has no match when it comes to capturing sound.

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