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14. Juli 2017

PASS LABS: XP10 Forforsterker

Oppgitt nypris: kr 53000,-
Selges for kr 19900,-

Original emballasje

2 stk balanserte innganger
3 stk balanserte utganger

Kommer fra samme opprinnelse - Treshold gruppen - der også CODA folkene kommer fra.
Dette skulle vitne om kvalitet

Designed with considerable technical improvements over past preamplifiers, the XP-10 showers the listener with a more dynamic sound, cleaner and more accurately delineated bass lines and a greatly refined spatial envelope. Though the current entry-level line-stage preamplifier, this descendant of the highly acclaimed and successful Pass Laboratory's X series preamplifiers sounds and measures significantly better than its predecessors.


In the past, we reviewed the Pass Labs XP-20 and XP-30 stereo preamplifiers. Now, we come full circle with a review of the remaining member of their preamplifier trio, the XP-10, which is the least expensive model. It is fully balanced, and has a slightly different sound character compared to the other two, which also sound different from one another. All three are great products, so you can choose based on price and/or sound characteristics.

◦Design: Fully Balanced Stereo Preamplifier
◦Maximum Voltage Output: 20 Volts RMS
◦MFR: 2 Hz – 60 kHz, – 3 dB
◦Inputs: Two Pairs XLR (Inputs 1 and 2), Three Pairs RCA (Inputs 3, 4, and 5; Input 5 is for Home Theater Pass-through with Unity Gain)
◦Outputs: One Pair XLR, One Pair RCA
◦Input Impedance: 96 kOhm XLR, 48 kOhm RCA
◦Output Impedance: 1 kOhm XLR, 150 Ohms RCA
◦Dimensions: 4″ H x 17″ W x 12″ D
◦Weight: 27 pounds
◦MSRP: $5,250
◦Pass Labs
◦SECRETS Tags: Pass Labs, Stereo, Preamplifiers

The Design

The XP-10 is a fully balanced solid state preamplifier. It has two gain stages and operates in pure Class A. There is no global negative feedback. The overall design results in the minimum amount of circuit path, which keeps signal loss at the lowest possible level.

It is said that the XP improvements over the previous model include deeper bass and better detail.

The front panel has buttons from left to right for Mute, Mode (Dims the LED Panel), and Input Selector. The large volume control (I have big hands and really appreciate big volume control dials) is on the right hand side, and it can be spun continuously, changing the volume through an optical encoder. It reads from 0 to 83, in 1 dB steps, with 75 being unity gain. The pass-through connection using input 5 sets the volume at 75 so that whatever SSP processor voltage that passes through to the power amplifier will be very close to what it was going into the XP-10.

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